even great people can make big mistakes

ME? I am 15 years and 6 months old. I have friends who drink, smoke and dip. I am curious. Not a good mix! Luckily for me, my bestfriends stays away from that kind of stuff.

I have seen way too many people I care about get hooked on tobacco to ever try. A few years ago I considered it, but knew it was stupid. I stayed FAR away from everybody who were doing it, to not be tempted. Now I know that even great people can make big mistakes. The nicest guy I have ever met made that mistake. My cousins made that mistake. And so many others did it too. FUCK those who share intoxicants with minors! I seriously want to slap them straight in their faces.

When I was 13 years old, me and two of my friends made a deal: Not to drink, smoke or dip during the three next school years. If we did, we had to kiss the ugliest boy in class… That is a good excuse for not doing stupid stuff just to feel cool. It leaves us a little less pressure than most others of our age. IF any of my readers makes a deal like that with their friend, it would meant the world to me!

Unluckily, stupid things can be fun. Or, at least make things funnier. Do I want to drink alcohol? Hm… No. I want my parents to be proud of me. But I want to LIVE, think a little less and dance like a freak. A teenage life is complicated. Remember, alcohol and tobacco are bad for you! Please stay away from it. We can stay away from it together.

// picture 1 from luciaasbury.wordpress.com, picture 2 from tumblr,
picture 3 from publishme.se, text by me

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