happy new year!

In 2011 I have sticked to the boring, same and old shit from 2010. There have also been some highlights: I have traveled to many new countries, cut out most of my prejudices, kept in touch with my friends, kissed a handsome boy, played boardgames with family, listened to good music and thought a lot about what I want to do with my future.

Today is the day people realize that they have the power of their own lives. Funny, huh? Of course, I am talking about the New Year´s resolutions. I believe that it is important to have goals to develop as a person. To make them easier to remember I will show them to the readers of this blog.

1. Dare more! I want to make new friends, wear the clothes I like, be 100% me, and not bother about what other people think.
2. Live out some of my dreams! To do that I need to be more spontaneous, positive and brave.
3. Spend more time with my friends! Less time on the computer, more time outdoor having fun.
4. Exercise more! I love to run, but a little more muscles would definitely not look wrong in the summer.
5. Enjoy life! You only live once, so you better have fun. I should stop taking so much for granted and make the best out of every situation.

I hope you all will get an amazing 2012! Love


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One thought on “happy new year!

  1. thea says:

    sounds like a good plan 🙂

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